Does Advance America Offer Loans for People with Poor Credit?

From payday loans and installment loans to title loans and lines of credit, Advance America offers a variety of financial products to help you cover your expenses. We accept borrowers with all types of credit scores, so even if you have poor or fair credit, you can still get approved. In most states, applying for a loan won't affect your FICO score. You can apply online and receive your money within 24 hours or visit a store to get cash right away. Advance America covers its bases by offering the three most popular types of short-term loans in 28 states.

Payday, installment, and auto title loans from Advance America come with high interest rates and charges that could trap you in a debt cycle. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get an installment loan or title loan, as well as a line of credit, and leave the store with money in hand. For example, if you need to pay for a large car repair, medical bill, or home repair, an installment loan that you can afford with predictable and regular payments over time may fit better into your long-term budget than a payday loan. Submitting a loan application allows us to connect you with third-party lenders and does not guarantee a loan offer. This website does not guarantee approval of a shorter-term loan.

Credit checks may be performed by credit bureau lenders or other providers of credit information. Although several consumers never applied for a payday loan, callers insisted they were calling to discuss consumers' online payday loan applications. Like most payday lenders, Advance America charges very high interest rates on its products, up to 664% APR in some cases. If a customer is unable to pay an advance within the agreed time frame, Advance America works with them to find the best way to deal with their individual situation and repay the personal loan in full. To comply with TILA, Advance America reports the implied APR of a cash advance, the amount you would pay if you renewed your advance every two weeks for a full year. If you have good credit, it's best not to use this company to apply for a payday loan because they verify your credit through Clarity Services through Experian. Because Advance America charges such high APR rates and fees, it will be difficult for most people to get back on track financially after applying for one of these loans.

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